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That depends on what needs to be fixed but often you will start seeing improvements in the first month.

That depends on the extent of the credit damage and how hard it is to fix but remember when the credit reporting agencies won’t fix incorrectly reported information, then we will refer you to a law firm to file suit immediately.

The credit reporting agencies have 30 days to respond to us, so we will be counting off the days.

It is rare that all the items are correct and we make sure that no stone goes unturned, but if it is truly correct then we may not be able to fix it.

We are one of the few credit rehabilitation companies that work with affiliate law firms around the country to file FCRA lawsuits. Even if the credit reporting agencies fix inaccurate reports, if you have been damaged then we will still recommend that you work with our affiliate law firms to file suit and collect money damages with no legal fees.
We are one of the few credit rehabilitation companies that will review, with our affiliate law firms, all of your written collection letters and your phone messages and phone calls to discover those FDCPA law suits. These lawsuits will allow you to make money without paying legal fees as the creditor will have to pay your legal fees.

We can help you get running start on your credit so that you have pristine credit immediately after your bankruptcy. And we can review, with our affiliate law firms, to see if any creditors report during or after the bankruptcy, then you will have a lawsuit for money damages.

Credit repair is a must as your homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, credit card interest rates, automobile loan interest rates, mortgage interest rates and much much more, rely on your credit scores. Constant monitoring of your credit reports are a must in life today.

It is rarely worth doing the debt settlement as there are other ways to get rid of your debt faster, cheaper and bounce back to great credit faster.

Charge off is just when the creditor writes off the debt and usually sells it to a debt buyer. Many debt buyers will re age the debt and show it on your credit as new debt.

Negative reporting will stay on your credit for 7 years so it is imperative that we fix it now and keep it off so that we can get the fresh start we need.

Bankruptcy will stay on your credit for 10 years but we can have your credit report perfect shortly after your bankruptcy.

This world of credit relies on impeccable credit so even a difference of 20 points can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars per year in savings.

Credit repair is inexpensive and is the best investment you can make to save you money. Additionally, we will help you find FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA and bankruptcy violation lawsuits which will actually make you money.

Bad credit will affect all of your insurances, your interest rates and your future. If we help you increase your scores, you will lower all of your interest rates and save money year after year.

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