Debt Collection Harassment Laws

Did you know that there are debt collection laws that protect your rights? When it comes to debt collection laws, we have helped many consumers exercise their rights… and we want to help you, too!

The Fair Debt Collections Protection Act (FDCPA), as one example, can be used to protect you from abusive debt collectors. These laws protect you from abusive practices such as phone calls during specific times, phone calls to family and friends, threatening calls and the use of profane or obscene language.

Don’t let debt collection harassment cause you stress. There is no need for you to tolerate debt collector harassment simply because you may have difficulty repaying your debt. We understand the stresses and frustration that come with unethical, and often illegal, practices.

At Safeguard Credit Solutions we are dedicated to protecting you in areas of credit, collections, and credit reporting. We believe that an educated consumer is an empowered consumer.

It is important to note that debt collection laws have a one year statute of limitations, which means we only have one year to file suit following the debt collection abuse.

Let us help you fight against the collectors and their abusive practices.

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